a night at the temp~

10 08 2008

again … a beautiful place, a relaxed crowd and a bride variety of electronic music stuff.

oh no, I´m not talking about the sonar festival in barcelona. it is the lovely temp~ festival in Greifenstein (Strombauamt – a perfect location) close to Vienna. I think it was my 4th time being there and I never had to regret. the atmosphere is quite familial although I don´t know anyone of the guys organizing it personally. And it´s good to see how things emerge based on a network of musicians, dj´s and vj´s, who are substantial part of the show.

So, I spent Saturday night at the temp~ festival, saw e.g. performances by

imperomon (a brilliant, smooth set ….for what reason ever he ended the show in acting like on a love parade …well, not my style…but people liked that even more),

Laminaydzy & Stephan Sperlich, who were maybe not that musically accessible for conventional music listeners. but stuff like that is exactly part of the concept of temp~ offering space for more experimental projects.

metrue, a kind of boy band imitation. well, the music was ok, but there is a sort of reduncance in their boyband stage acting…

Electric Indigo & Irradiation (one of the organizers), who are somehow all-time stars at the temp~ and always worth listening & watching. this time they were playing together and as a highlight of their set the following act joined them…

didi bruckmayr. his performance was so amazing. his voice offers such a broad spectrum. I watched his band projects fuckhead and wipeout for some years and no matter if he is doing pop or experimental – he has his own style. in my opinion he´s a star and if he would live in new york, I can´t imagine that he´d not become a superstar. a real performer on stage, excellent music and well his voice, wow!

sorry for the bad mobile shots, but just to get an impression of didi bruckmayr´s performance and the importance of visuals. (by schneeweisschen & rosenrot)

I think the temp~ festival is a good example that the best things in music are those emerging by people themselves. not having a clear concept (or a business plan), but a community and high identification with what you do . that offers enough drive to create such wonderful projects like the temp~festivals. as a temp~ visitor I can just say: thank you!

you can listen to the temp~ festival compilation and get more information on the temp~ records website.




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