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Welcome to Guensblog!


I live and work in Vienna as a consultant in politics and strategic communications. My main focus lies on energy and clean tech issues. But actually there are a lot of different playfields I`m in.  The blog aims to provide and discuss some of the ideas, stories and opinions I keep an eye on and covers some of my comments, opinions, analysis on different (mostly) political topics. There is a professional background to that, but Guensblog has a personal touch, too. So besides the issue-oriented posts there will be some impressions from music, sports, literature …whatever. Cultural aspects that I believe to be interesting for others too. So e.g. Music MPCT means: Music makes people come together (remember this Madonna song?) .

Most blog postings are in German language; sometime English ones will be added. (see the category English in the frame on the right side)


Here you´ll find a brief spot on my professional and personal background:

I graduated at the University of Vienna in political science and communication science and worked for different Non-governmental organisations (e.g. GLOBAL 2000, ÖKOBÜRO) on climate and energy issues. An early major impression was the participation at the UN conferences on climate change in Berlin (COP 1 in ´95) and the famous Kyoto (COP 3 in ´97). It gave me the opportunity to see the importance of international collaboration and exchange on the one hand, and on the other the meaning of improving solutions on a regional and local level. I then joined the Green Party in Vienna working in the Vienna city council closely with the head of fraction, Christoph Chorherr.

In these seven years I got the change to initialize and realize ideas and projects on a local level (e.g. Austria´s largest biomass power plant or the Vienna´s first Creative Industries programm). But it gave me the opportunity to follow political communication and campaigning closely on a local, regional, national and international level, too. It´s the bridging of know-how and ideas for a sustainable solutions with politics, markets or networks that I understand as a professional mission.  So the analysis and the creation of strategic communication has become one of the major pillars of my work.

In April 2007 I started to run my own business, having the strong belief that there is an enormous potential of “good” ideas, technology and projects to be generated, transferred and implemented in the fields I work in.



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