Best of ´08 – music

23 12 2008

So here´s the list of lists, part 1 category music.

I´m not a friend of a rankings, but of good old ´best-of´lists like in Nick Hornby´s book “High Fidelity”. Actually it´s a good method to fall asleep thinking about new top 5 categories (especially for insomniac guys like me)

This year there are a lot of categories with different numbers of artists named. So less sleep means more categories 😉

Here we go…this is a personal list of music favourites this year. Primarily but not only pretty new stuff.

Tracks of ´08

  • In Trains (Angst is not a weltanschauung/CD 2008) by B. Fleischmann
  • Free the Dogs (Loving Custodians/CD 2007) by Mauracher
  • Sunday ( Colour The Small One/2004) by SIA
  • Leucocyte I-IV (Leucocyte /2008) by e.s.t.
  • All Alright (Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust) by Sigur Ros
  • If Only (Distance and Time  2007)by Fink

Best Album 2008

Best Concerts 2008

Personal “Torture Music” 2008

  • I Kissed a Girl by Katie Perry – (approx. 10x in a row Saturdays and Sundays – thank you neighbor)
  • All Summer Long by Kid Rock (all summer loooooooooooong)
  • Last Christmas by Wham (it´s not my mistake that this song is played everywhere exactly the time these lists have to be written…)

Best Songs in Running Shoes  2008

Best “Help Me Falling Asleep Songs”  2008 (in a positive way)

Best “Hey nice shoes, wanna dance?” Song 2008

Best “Happy Pepi” Song 2008 (no translation on

Best “Wow! Never Heard Before – Artist” 2008

Best “Still Quite on Top on Itunes Lists” in 2008

For all friends of lists like that have a look at


concert of the year: Sigur Ros @ Sommerarena

14 07 2008

Two weeks ago and I still feel the Islandic vibes in my body & mind. Whatever might come … that was the concert of the year. (ok, ok, DEus is coming again,…hm)

Sigur Ros played a fantastic gig at wonderful Sommerarena on July 8th. Brilliant songs, good sound, excellent show sometimes spheric – sometimes more aggressive. Great band with perfectly integrated string and horn section. And yes, weather perfect, too.

If you like their music and get the chance to watch them: GO THERE:

Thanks to Ju for providing the Pics.